Servodata generates solutions for all needs of companies such as software, database, IT security softwares, business performance management, automation of document processes, instruction, data access solutions, and support services; with experience since 1989. Servodata remains business by supplying needs of companies in IT sector with a wide range of products. The purpose of Servodata in IT sector is to provide unlimited customer satisfaction, keeping in the forefront of the organizations productivity-enhancing, easy to use, technological advances compliant infrastructure establishment, operation ability and provide the right solution to offer were determined.

Modern information integrated traditional values for qualified human, efficient business, and desired community.




Rules integrated with reconstituted mind maps and values system, for active and productive human capital.




A teamwork generates a synergy by making a difference from diversity.




Crews and institutes formed with reliable individuals who relies his colleagues and himself.




A chance to “realize themselves” by activating their own creativity processes for every person and institute.




Converting issues from personal to institutional, and change it to improvement and reinforcement fields.




Using the investment to human capital to increase the “Life Quality”, and make it the source of customer’s happiness.




Emphasizing the attitude of institutional accomplishments instead of personal ambitions, Applying trainings aim “Personal Development” as a base of business, family, social structure.




Have the faith of Success and Perfection requires highly motivated workers.




Transparency and confidence policy.




In recent business world where competition is the pioneer, quality is necessity, and customer satisfaction is the indispensable; “personal quality”, “crew quality”, and “qualified solutions” occur the indicating factors. As a result of this mentality, the unique element of competition is a combination of information and skills which belongs to the institution.



To be a company which contributes personal and institutional arranging permanently, undertakes social responsibility for community’s improvement, and competes in the international platform.






To be the pioneer of development and variations on individuals and institutions by integrating contemporary information and traditional values of Turkish culture.

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