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WebrootSecureAnywhere® AntiVirus protects you from online threats with the world's most powerful 100% cloud-based security solution. It scans faster and uses fewer system resources than other solutions helping system performance. Our network of threat analysis engines perform real-time examination of files, URL's and websites enabling instantaneous protection from new and existing threats keeping you continuously safe online.








Protects you against the latest known and unknown online threats including:












      -Phishing Attacks




      -Identity Theft








      -Social Network Threats




      -Unsafe Websites, Links and search results








Always-on protection for you data and identity while browsing, banking, playing and sharing stuff online




Set it and forget it -- continuous protection without interuptions or slowdowns




Protects you from fake websites that trick you into entering your personal information




Warns you about infected websites before you visit them




Protects both PC and Mac




Social network protection including Facebook and Twitter




Lets you manage security on all your devices from anywhere through one simple interface




Speeds-up and extend the life of an older PC with our lightweight cloud-based solution (only PC)


 Webroot For Business

Revolutionary Security. Ultimate Performance. Minimal Management.


Webroot® SecureAnywhereTM Business - Endpoint Protection offers a revolutionary approach to malware protection. It brings together Webroot's innovative file pattern and predictive behavior recognition technology, with the almost limitless power of cloud computing, to stop known threats and prevent unknown zero-day attacks more effectively than anything else.
Using the world's lightest and fastest endpoint security Agent, scans are unbelievably fast (normally less than two minutes) and they never slow end-users down. And, because detection is truly real-time it is always up-to-date, and provides protection against all the latest threats and attacks without any of the hassles of managing daily signature or definition file updates.
Best 'unknown' malware prevention
      -Revolutionary file pattern and behavior recognition technology
      -Predictive intelligence accurately detects if any file activity is benign, or malicious
      -Virtually eliminates the window of vulnerability from new 'unknown' threats
Extremely fast and easy to deploy
      -World's smallest endpoint security client/agent (<1mb)
      -Takes <6 seconds to install
      -Works alongside other security and software applications
Doesn't slow down PCs or hinder user productivity
      -Initial system scan takes <2 minutes, subsequent scans <1 minute
      -Minimal CPU usage during scans
      -Sophisticated remediation eliminates the need for most system reimaging
Always up-to-date and protected
      -No large daily definition file updates to steal network bandwidth
      -Off-network users always remain protected and never need any protection updates
      -All users instantly protected against any new threats
Easy to manage
      -Centralized web-based management of all endpoints
      -Highly automated management and reporting
      -No on-premise management server hardware or software
      -Full remote policy and endpoint management
Online and offline protection
      -Separate policy controls for offline endpoint user management
      -Ability to manage ports and devices such as USB, CD and DVD drives
Revolutionary Security
Webroot's cloud-driven security virtually removes the window of vulnerability that exists with all other endpoint security solutions dependent on signature updates, and delivers true real-time protection against all types of malicious threats.
      -Virtually eliminates the vulnerability exposure time between when an exploit is released, to when it's detected and ready to be removed.
      -Unique file pattern and behavior recognition technology understands if endpoint activity is benign or malicious.
      -Instantly checks changed and new files and processes against the Webroot® Intelligence Network - Webroot's cloud databases containing over 75 Terabytes of malware intelligence to understand all file and execution behaviors and track and understand their intent.
      -Advanced threat intelligence determines known threats versus those that have never been seen before, protecting against all known and zero-day threats.
      -Offline protection secures endpoints that are not connected to the Internet. Offers powerful file heuristics and the ability to manage ports and devices such as USB, CD and DVD drives.
      -The Webroot Intelligence Network constantly collects information on new and potentially malicious files from across the Internet and Webroot customers, sharing it instantly to ensure up-to-the-minute protection.
      -Zero daily signature or definition file updates required.
Ultimate Performance
WebrootSecureAnywhere Business - Endpoint Protection sets new standards in deployment time, scan speeds, system resources usage, and overall endpoint footprint size, to ultimately save you time and money.
      -Ultra-light client - the world's smallest at less than 1mb.
      -Downloads, deploys, and installs in less than six seconds.
      -Operates using minimal CPU usage to prevent slowing down end-users.
      -Minimal disk space required—no large local threat databases needed.
      -Lightning-fast scans take under two minutes*, compared to hours for many other security solutions.
      -Improved PC performance, even those with minimalsystem specifications.
      -Will coexist with other security products, eliminating the need to uninstall existing solutions prior to migration.
      -Maximizes security and productivity by not getting in the way.
Minimal Management
A web-based management console lets you easily manage end-user policies via an intuitive interface offering complete management of your endpoints, including the ability to centrally create and administer endpoint security policies, view detailed service reports and logs, and manage whitelists, blacklists, and file overrides. Other management advantages include:
      -No management server hardware or software to purchase, install, or maintain.
      -Pre-configured and default policy templates.
      -Easily configurable administrator alerts and notifications.
      -Both online, ad-hoc, and scheduled reporting using real-time logs.
      -Automatic threat definition and software updates occurring in the cloud.
      -Automatic client software updates with no bandwidth or performance impacts.
      -Management of PCs, Laptops, Servers, Mobiles and Tablets all from the same console.
Powerful Malware Detection Provides the most advanced real-time endpoint protection against both known and unknown malware to virtually eliminate the vulnerability window between when threats emerge and when they're detected.
Offline Protection Stops attacks when an endpoint is offline with separate file execution policies applicable to local disk, USB, CD, and DVD drives. Also includes ability to lock down devices and ports.
Powerful Heuristics Heuristic settings can be adjusted based on risk tolerance for file execution. Heuristic settings include:
      -Advanced Analyzes new programs for suspicious actions that are typical of malware.
      -Age Analyzes new programs based on the time a similar file has existed within the Webroot community.
      -Popularity Analyzes new programs based on how often file is used or changed within the Webroot community.
Malware Remediation Comprehensive detection and removal engine identifies known and unknown threats, including dangerous rootkits and other pieces of malicious software, and removes these files from users' systems.
Remediation Rollback A fail-safe rollback feature provides the ability to restore any program, as well as roll back cleanup processes to a previous state.
Webroot Intelligence Network Real-time threat detection and analysis via the world's largest cloud database of unique extractable objects, consisting of over 250 million files and associated file behavioral characteristics.
Instant Deployment Deploys via a packaged MSI installation file, custom deployment tool, or link to download the executable.
Software Compatibility Compatible with other software applications, including other endpoint security solutions, making deployment alongside existing applications very easy.
System Monitoring/Application Endpoint FirewallA sophisticated cloud firewall protects your users when they're outside the corporate gateway, augmenting the Microsoft® Windows® firewall to offer full control of outbound and inbound connections without adding an unnecessary drain on endpoint resources. By managing and monitoring all outbound traffic, the firewall protects against malicious "phone-home" attacks and ensures that only policy-approved applications communicate with the network. It also automatically recognizes known good and bad programs, so users aren't pestered with pop-ups or forced to make uninformed judgments.
SafeStart Sandbox Unknown files may be designated to only open within a protected sandbox for evaluation of behaviors. This helps to ensure that unwanted applications and files do not infect users' systems.
Server and Virtual Server Support In addition to supportingphysical Windows PC environments, WebrootSecureAnywhere can also support Windows server and virtual server environments.
Mobile Smartphone and Tablet Support - WebrootSecureAnywhere Business - Mobile Protection is available for Google Android and Apples iOS smartphones and tablets too.
Resilient Distributed Cloud Architecture Consists of multiple global datacenters to support local offices and roaming users through their nearest datacenter and provide excellent resilience and redundancy.
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