Finally a Business intelligence solution that does not get between you and your data.


      -OLAP, Relational DBs and CSV 


      -In-Memory Analytics 


      -Platform Independent 

Managing access to your varied data sources can be a headache. It's rare that a single BI solution can access your OLAP, Relational and CSV data sources through a single and easy-to-use front-end. Well with Yellowfin you can! 



How will Yellowfin help you?

Relational database access

Easily use existing data sources for reporting with Relational OLAP without the need to build and deploy cubes. Yellowfin can connect to, and report from, any database that has a JDBC driver and supports SQL-92 compliant SQL. Some of our sources include: 
      -DB2 Universal Database 8.1 or later
      -Oracle Database 9i+
      -PostgreSQL 8.0
      -Progress 9.1
      -MS SQL Server 2000+
      -MySQL 4+
      -Cache DB
      -Sybase ASE
      -Sybase Anywhere
      -Sybase IQ
      -Lotus Notes
      -Microsoft Access
OLAP access via MDX
Have you got exisitng SAP BW or MS Analysis services cubes? If so, easily connect Yellowfin and begin delivering reports and dashboards to your users today! Yellowfin supports any cubes that support the industry standard MDX query language.
In-memory analytics

Fast analysis, better insight and rapid deployment with minimal IT involvement! In-memory analytics delivers decision insight with the agility that businesses demand. It’s a win for business users - who gain self-service analysis capabilities - and for IT departments, which can spend far less time on query analysis, cube building, aggregate table design, and other time-consuming performance-tuning tasks.

CSV as a supported data source


Yellowfin is unique - it embraces CSV as a legitimate data source for your enterprise reporting. Use CSV files to create Yellowfin reports and merge data from these sources with the rest of your enterprise data.

Behind the scenes


Yellowfin is completely browser-based and platform independent. How so? Well, it has been developed in Java and ships with Tomcat as its web server (of course you can choose your own industry leading web server). There are no plugins (Applets or Flash Components) delivered to the browser - just HTML5 and all that good stuff.

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