Data Visualization

Discover More About Your Business When You Visualize Your Data


      -Huge choice of visualizations 

      -Create chart interactivity 

      -Better data analysis 

Data visualization is not only a way to present your data, but a way to explore and understand your data. People comprehend data better through imagery than numbers in rows and columns. Visualizing your data enables you to quickly answer important business questions. Your data becomes a competitive advantage instead of an underutilized asset. 
How will Yellowfin help you?

Create great visualizations
Instantly graph your data to identify trends and patterns. Yellowfin lets you select and change visualizations effortlessly. From sophisticated heat maps, to popular line charts or combination graphs, the right visualization is just a click away.

Interact with your charts
Increasing end-user enjoyment and productivity is our goal when developing interactive features. Provide context to your visualizations through Drill-Downs, Time-Sliders, Tooltips and Series Selection - take productivity and user experience to a whole new level.
Spot outliers immediately
Use trellis chart visualizations to compare many dimensions, such as customer segments, side-by-side on one page. Making it easy and fast to compare performance in seconds, even from very large data and complex sets.
Quickly uncover problem areas
A Heat Map is superb for identifying patterns of performance. Attention is drawn instantly to color-coded results, and it's easy to understand area size and location. Rendering even very complex business analyses in easy-to-understand visualizations means more people can use them.
All the charts you'll ever need
To understand a business you need to look at it from different perspectives. It's great to be able to choose from a wide range of visualizations to find the one that makes the most sense. Yellowfin provides a comprehensive set of charting options designed to deliver highly interactive visualization of business data.
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