Business Intelligence Has Never Been So Quick And Easy


      -Rapid-fire development


      -Exception reporting 


      -Align action with strategy  



Making Business Intelligence easy is what drives us. Our interface is more than beautiful. You’ll find the most advanced BI features, in the most logical places, all with point and click simplicity. You don’t have to learn a single line of SQL – now that’s making Business Intelligence easy. 



How will Yellowfin help you?

Quick and easy query & analysis



You want insightful reports, but can’t wait weeks to have them created. With Yellowfin’s super intuitive interface, if you have a business question, you don’t have to wait to get the answer. Create interactive reports in minutes.




Flexible formatting


When developing a set of reports or dashboards, you need the flexibility to present your data in a way that relates to you and your organization. Formatting and conditional formats help you draw attention to what’s important.



Schedule alerts


Emailing reports out to people is a great way to get data into the hands of those who need it. But, too many reports in your inbox, and they start to get ignored. Make every scheduled report count with exception reporting and alerts.



Connect to many data sources



You probably have data stored in many different systems and databases. With Yellowfin, you can query many different databases, from OLAP cubes, to CSV files - even combine multiple data sources to create a single report or dashboard without the pain of having to build a data warehouse.

Query faster with In-memory analysis


Speed is important - you can’t wait minutes every time you run a query. Conduct speed-of-thought analysis with Yellowfin’s In-Memory database and answer your critical business questions 

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