Sales Force Automation

Account ManagementAccount ManagementBuild customer relationships for long-term success

Effectively manage customer relationships from prospect, to close, to lifetime customer from one central database. With every customer and prospect’s profile and interaction history tracked in detail — including quotes, orders, project details, emails and calls — you and your staff are equipped with the necessary information for engaging customers, earning loyalty and driving repeat business. Manage an unlimited number of accounts or contacts and profile them using a variety of your own custom fields, such as industry and size, to track information that is relevant to your business. With an unlimited number of columns of data to view, search and sort on it is easy to personalize the way you view information.


Opportunity ManagementOpportunity ManagementClinch top deals and keep priority customers satisfied

Sales opportunity management makes forecasting effortless and lets you take proactive measures to ensure your sales team hits revenue targets. Keep on top of priority opportunities at every step of the sales cycle. Implement your sales methodologies and have every sales person follow the same best practices and step-by-step activities to increase close ratios and maximize wins. From providing estimates, to conducting product demonstrations, to final sale, gain full control of the sales process by prompting sales representatives to conduct each activity within the appropriate time frame. Advanced sales tracking enables you to closely monitor deals, improve performance and forecast sales with ease.

Lead managementConvert leads to solid  sales opportunities

Convert leads to customers more easily with the right process in place for efficient lead qualification, follow-up and nurturing. Capitalize on leads and optimize conversion to sales opportunities by ensuring timely assignment and follow-up, and closely tracking lead status and source to measure funnel and conversion rates. Intelligently route leads and inquiries to the appropriate rep, while responding immediately to the sender and recording the interaction in the customer’s record. Qualify leads efficiently by setting up fields to capture qualification criteria including budget, purchase timeline, need, prospects’ authority level and more. Promptly drill down to the qualified leads that matter and stay focused on maximizing revenue to meet your targets.

Task and time managementTime ManagementOptimize efficiency  and productivity

Ensure all daily tasks and deliverables are managed effectively by setting up follow-up activities with staff and clients, whether it is making the next call, completing a proposal, or sending a follow-up email. Create reusable action plan templates to help you manage a series of tasks for yourself and those required of other individuals and departments — to guarantee that action items and follow-up activities are completed on time. With theintegrated calendar, schedule your work and personal time effectively and view upcoming appointments at a glance. Using the most popular calendar applications set up and manage meetings seamlessly with both internal colleagues and external customers.  
Dashboards and reportingSales DashboardReal-time insight into your
sales pipeline and performance.


Stay on top of productivity and sales levels with real-time visual snapshots of company, team and individual performance.

Gain actionable insight by starting each day checking your management dashboard for a visual health check on sales leads, opportunities and account status. Easily recognize trends and performance patterns by monitoring KPIs such as the status and value of leads, opportunities and forecasts, then drill down to view further details. Use built-in dashboard and reports or easily configure and customize your own, to provide real-time feedback so you can adjust tactics or resources on-the-fly. Maximize your wins by forecasting accurately, following deal progress and driving your team to move opportunities through the sales pipeline.
Mobile CRMSmartphone CRM DashboardReduce downtime, increase face time,  
win more deals

Leverage the power of mobile CRM on the latest smartphones and tablets (including iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile and iPad) to build loyal customer relationships and win more deals. Keep on top of your deals with complete access to the critical customer and prospect information essential to achieving success when you are away from the office. Look-up and update accounts, contacts and leads, including custom fields and notes for a complete history of interactions. Collaborate with team members on the road to set up multi-user appointments, assign tasks, and update opportunities. Access the online document library to send brochures, quotes and other documents to customers and prospects on-the-fly.


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