OmniPage Professional 18


Do not settle for just convert documents, convert them with OmniPage Professional 18. Nowadays organizations to continue to use paper slows and often "re-creation of knowledge" causes.This information is only available employees re-creating paper documents or to waste your time by searching for lost documents caused not only, but also means loss of productivity and profitability.The question to be asked is: "strenuous rewriting or re-editing the document without having to do their jobs how can i convert to the format you want?" Answer is OmniPage ® Professional 18.This innovative solution, paper, PDF files and forms, you can edit on your PC or you can archive documents in the document repository to quickly convert large.With batch processing and comprehensive network features the incredible accuracy of this solution makes it the perfect choice for all types of organizations.


To Maxımıze Effıcıency: Into Searchable PDF Edıscovery Helper
PDF files are used everywhere and can come from a variety of sources. The scanned pages, embedded images, and other types of information may contain. However, most of these items, do not include searchable text.New eDiscovery Assistant for searchable PDF forming a single PDF file or PDF files from any type of group safely into completely searchable documents were groundbreaking.Now open PDF files one by one or you accidentally delete valuable information that can be do not have to use an OCR process.
Pıoneers In Connectıon Status Mıcrosoft Sharepoınt And Dms Are
Microsoft ® SharePoint ® scan documents to your server from any location within your organization can access these documents.OmniPage Professional 18 is a SharePoint connector and this connector, Open Text Connectivity Solutions (Hummingbird ®) and Autonomy ® iManage Connector with Interwoven ®-enabled. Also linear PDF, PDF / A and PDF 1.7 compatibility support, you can always have access to the archived document means.
With OmniPage Professional you can:
      -Taking advantage of superior word accuracy can re-create documents quickly.
      -Preserving document format of the converted document can make you look like a completely original document.
      -While maintaining the existing text, you can make fully searchable documents.
      -Paper and PDF files, you can edit and archive PDF files can convert in batches.
      -Forms and automates the collection of data and transforming's.
      -Leading from the certificate can convert them to connect to cloud storage services.
      -To proofread and highlighting their workflows can automate the process.
Free Software To Create PDF Fıles, Create PDF
Using PDF Creator can print from virtually all applications 100% industry-standard PDF files in bulk create.


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