PaperPort Professional 12
Information drives today’s businesses. When customers or colleagues call with a question, you need to have the right information at your fingertips. You can’t afford to waste time searching through stacks of paper or trying to remember where you saved a file. What if you could turn your paper documents into searchable PDFs, store them all in one place, and organize, access, merge, and share them directly from your computer desktop? 
That’s what PaperPort Professional 12, the world’s #1 desktop document management software, is all about. PaperPort is powerful, green, and remarkably easy to use. Working with Microsoft® Windows®, PaperPort makes it simple to scan or convert documents of every kind — paper, photos, forms, electronic files, and more — into accurate and searchable industry standard PDFs. It lets you visually organize and manage documents. Find information instantly. Assemble custom PDF documents with ease. Even share documents securely. 
Take office organization to a whole new level. PaperPort empowers you to boost staff productivity, cut costs, and improve customer service for bottom-line results. How’s that for a competitive advantage? 
Professional Features:
      -Advanced PDF Creation & Security
      -Super Compressed Scanned Color Documents
      -Professional Scanning Interface
      -Unlimited Scanner Profiles
      -MFP Scanning and Document Routing
      -Split Desktop and Workspace Bookmarks

Get Better Organized For Less
Tired of wasting time and money tracking down information? PaperPort is the cost effective way to get all your documents in one place so you can find what you need when you need it. Visually manage more than 150 document types and photo formats. Control folders with customized directories and colors. Attach folder notes and automatically add that information to files as you scan them. Even create multiple folders at once by importing a list of folder names from a text file.
Eliminate Paper with Superior Scanning
It’s never been faster or easier to free yourself from the inefficiencies of paper. Scan everything to PDF using any popular scanning device — even multifunction printers. Get perfect scans on your desktop with the push of a button. Or scan directly to the included PDF Viewer or specific applications like email, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SharePoint and more. PaperPort is so smart it will straighten, crop, rotate, and enhance your documents automatically to improve document quality. And you can take advantage of PaperPort’sImageViewer to further enhance documents or even images within any PDF document.
Speed Document Access and Collaboration
Get work done with unprecedented speed. PaperPort includes an advanced PDF Viewer that lets you view, edit, and share PDFs like never before. It’s the perfect replacement for the free Adobe® Reader®. Open PDF files quickly. Add notes, lines, and dynamic stamps for fast, effective collaboration. And use transparent stamps to add your scanned signature to documents. With PaperPort, the number or size of files won’t slow you down. You can jump from file to file without delay. Even email super-compressed scanned color PDF documents without worrying about file size limitations.
Find Information in an Instant
Spend less time searching and more time finding. With PaperPort, you can create searchable PDFs from any scanned paper document. PaperPort utilizes the world’s most accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to ensure that all PDF image content is searchable. What’s more, PaperPort lets you enter keywords or phrases into Windows® or Google® Desktop Search to quickly locate a specific file on your computer or shared network. 

Simplify Document Assembly
Take the hassle out of document assembly. PaperPort’s unique split desktop design displays individual page thumbnails alongside document thumbnails. Drag and drop entire documents within another document or selectively move individual pages from one PDF document to another. You can even combine scans and photos with word processing, spreadsheet and presentation files for automatic conversion to PDF format. No more toggling back and forth among multiple documents. Just drag and drop… and voila. It’s just like stacking real paper.


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