Dashboards Deliver At-A-Glance Insight Into Your Organizational Performance


       -Monitor business performance 

       -Act on data not on intuition 

       -Align action with strategy 

Dashboards at a glance 
Yellowfin’s personalized and interactive dashboards improve business performance at all levels of your organization by enabling you to track KPIs, assign goals and collaborate. 
How will Yellowfin help you?

Monitor your business with ease
Monitor the pulse of your business - track your corporate KPIs with rich, graphical presentations using maps, graphs and charts. Our easy step-by-step process enables anyone to create dashboards in minutes. You’ll become a Yellowfin pro in no time!
Deeper insight just a click away

Sometimes you have to get down into the detail to understand what’s driving those high level numbers. With Yellowfin, you can Drill Down hierarchies, Drill Through to detailed transaction level reports, or use Drill Anywhere to simply explore your data. All this in just a few clicks.


Your dashboards, your way

Tailor your dashboard to your needs! Dashboard tools have long been inflexible when it comes to personalization. Not so with Yellowfin. In our eyes, every one of our users is unique. As such, we enable everyone with suitable permissions to have personalized dashboards. BI is more than just numbers - it’s about what you need to be successful.
Interactive filtering
An intuitive Filter Panel makes it easy to see the data you need. Filter any business dimension or metric to change your view of, and better understand, your data. Simple check-boxes, sliders, and radio buttons make filtering easy, interactive and visually appealing.
Access dashboards anywhere
Logging into a BI tool to get the information you need doesn’t always make sense. With Yellowfin, you can simply copy a dashboard link and embed it into any Web page, wiki or company intranet. Imagine a fully interactive dashboard where you need it - no having to stop what you’re doing to log into a BI tool.
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