Cloud Computing



Cloud Computing



Develop, test, deploy and connect applications in the Cloud quickly and affordably, and easily scale operations up or down as your needs change.




Progress offers one of the leading Cloud platforms for the development and deployment of SaaS business applications for the following reasons:




      -The Progress OpenEdge Cloud Platform has the fastest path for developing reliable, high performance software as a service (SaaS) business applications


      -With our efficient data management products, Progress delivers the high availability and scalability demanded by SaaS business applications


      -As business and application needs become more complex, user interface flexibility and scalability grow in importance, Progress-based SaaS applications can be delivered via any user interface, including Web browsers, mobile devices, thin-client technologies, and other interface options, such as Java, .NET, and Web services


      -Progress offers robust and cost-effective application/data management and administration tools


      -Progress has the leading Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) in the marketplace, and the Sonic ESB is exploited as part of the OpenEdge Cloud platform, to address the process integration issues surrounding SaaS deployments


      -Progress Actional provides the business visibility needed for SaaS and Business Service Providers to guarantee complete end-to-end business transaction assurance






The OpenEdge Cloud platform delivers:




      -Superior development productivity – 73 percent reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)


      -Cost-effective operation and management – 40 percent less expensive


      -Service-oriented architecture – Leading in the industry


      -Deployment flexibility -- Write once, deploy anywhere


      -Comprehensive enablement programs – Award-winning program




And with Cloud-centric community resources, you can collaborate, network and discuss all things SaaS and Cloud with others just like you, take a test drive of other Progress applications, and access our virtual marketplace of complementary third-party products and services. And when you are ready, you can stage, test and deploy your application out to the Cloud in just 12 clicks, and even take advantage of self-service demonstrations before you deploy to the Cloud.



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