OpenEdge RDBMS



OpenEdge RDBMS product suite includes OpenEdge Enterprise 


RDBMS, OpenEdge Workgroup RDBMS, and OpenEdge Personal RDBMS. All are built on the same code base. As a result, you can choose a solution that satisfies your business objectives today and upgrade as your needs grow—all without a single change in your program code or extensive retraining of your staff that would be required to learn a new system.



The following table shows the key features of these products. 




The Enterprise edition has full language functionality for ABL and SQL, along with performance features that allow the Enterprise application to scale up to many thousands of users and virtually unlimited (exabyte) database size on large-scale multiprocessor systems.



The Work group edition is a cost-effective, departmental-level solution that provides performance, multi-user support, and cross-platform interoperability—at an excellent value. It typically handles up to 50 concurrent users and a database in the 2-20 gigabyte range 



 The personal edition supports all OpenEdge data types, language features, and development tools as well as one incoming client connection. It  also typically supports databases up to 4GB, though larger sizes can be accommodated.






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