Progress Query Results




Progress Query Results




Progress Query/Results is an interactive data access tool which possesses user-friendly interface and creates ad-hoc queries and conventional reports fastly and easily.




Unlike other reporting tools, Query/Results allow the user to create special reports without the necessity of learning complicated queries.




Query/Results offers an interactive and user-friendly data access tool for the users who want to create predefined queries and special reports easily. Unlike other reporting tools, with Query/Results you don’t need to allocate programming resources for learning complicated queries or creating customized reports.




Some features of the product:


       -Easy to use graphical (GUI) and character-based (CUI) interface support


       -Portable database independency through Progress supported data sources


       -Multiple reporting options that possess formatting flexibility 


       -Support for complicated calculation 


       -Globalizing support for usage in different languages




The Useful Properties of Progress Query/Results


       -GUI and UI interface support and easy to use.


       -Portability and database independency betweenProgress supported data sources.


       -Multiple reporting options for flexibility.


       -Support for complicated calculation.


       -Internationalization support for usage in many languages.




BusinessObjects A detailed view of the Corporate Performance


Reporting is the process of data access, formatting and bring it both in-house and outside the company into use and it is the basis of a Business Intelligence  (BI) strategy. It offers its users the most desired parts of the information through web or as embedded in corporate applications in a reliable and safe way. Business Objects reporting products enables you to access to data, formatting it and bring it into use as an information in-house or outside the company. Unlocking the power of information Business Objects business intelligence solutions supports the companies and organizations by providing the below mentioned opportunities:




       -Increases the income and benefits by gaining valued customers and maintain their continuity.


       -Reduces costs by more efficient managerial skills that satisfy the needs.


       -Automated adaptation to the regular reporting needs


       -Increased customer continuity through outstanding service of high quality.




Crystal Reports XI is a reporting tool that enables you to create reports fastly that are flexible and compatible with future Technologies and integrate them with the web or Windows applications..




Crystal Xcelsius converts your static Microsoft spreadsheets reportslike Excel into attractive presentations, dynamic charts and diagrams and interactive visual analyses so that you can share yourbusiness results with yourbusiness colleagues easily. 


Crystal Reports Server XI is designed for small and medium sized enterprises. This complete reporting solution enables your company to create, manage reports and bring them into use through web fastly and easily.




BusinessObjects Enterprise XI is a business intelligence platform that is reliable, scalable and built on an open service-oriented architecture that strengthens the management and makes the bringing into use of the customized end user reporting tools safe.




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