Failover clusters


 The purpose of OpenEdge Failover Clusters is to tolerate the necessary time for the identification and elimination in case of a hardware failure.






Therefore there are two physical servers of equal power and of the same feature andthese two are operating while being connected to a common storage device. The progress runs actively and passively. In other words, while the Node1 is active, the Node 2 is in the stand-by position. There is no active-active support, therefore it makes no sense to wait at the database level. 






In case a physical error occurs on its active server for any reason, a significant financial loss may occurduring debugging time. In such cases, so that the system can operate problem-free, the servers communicate between eachother and through common storage, if the active server has left the database for any reason, the passive server immediately switches into active modeand taking the database it provides continuity. The necessary identification and restoration can easily be performed within this period of time.


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