OpenEdge Replication






OpenEdge Replication provides recovery of mission-critical data for applications at an alternate site, playing a key role in the disaster recovery process. OpenEdge Replication prevents your business from losing significant revenue damaging your reputation by ensuring that your mission-critical systems are available 24/7/365. Protect your OpenEdge investment and your business with OpenEdge Replication as the cornerstone of your disaster recovery








Disaster Protection for Your Mission-Critical Systems








Both OpenEdge Replication and Replication Plus provide automatic, real-time data protection and minimize impact of system downtime during catastrophes or disasters. The main benefits of OpenEdge Replication include:




24x7x365 availability of mission-critical data




Minimal or no disruption in the event of unplanned downtime or disaster




Data integrity maintained between source and target databases




Read-only access of target databases for real-time reporting






Key Capabilities






Automated, real-time replication of databases for failover or disaster recovery




Failback functionality




A single-source database and one or two target database configurations




Data integrity between source and target databases




Continued source database activity while administration tasks are performed




Replication activity reporting




Online backup of source and target databases












OpenEdge Replication is supported on the following platforms:




HP-UX (PA-RISC) 64- and 32-bit




HP-UX Itanium2




IBM AIX Power PC 64-bit




Linux on POWERPC




Linux Intel 64-bit




Red Hat Linux








Sun Solaris (SPARC) 64- and 32-bit



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