OpenEdge Management


Maintain a Competitive Edge with Continuous Availability


OpenEdge Management is a system management center that offers visibility, analysis and active monitoring of your critical information assets. It empowers you to become more efficient, decrease the cost of managing your OpenEdge environment, and ensure high availability and performance. OpenEdge Management enables you to:


Increase productivity




Do more with current resources


Reduce operational costs


Attain continuous availability


Promote operational awareness




Key Capabilities




OpenEdge Management can:


       -Be accessed from anywhere using secure hypertext transfer protocol (https) or regular http


       -Remotely monitor any OpenEdge installation on the network, including those using different OSes and different OpenEdge releases


       -Manage OpenEdge servers


       -Kick off and schedule jobs


       -Manage rules, alerts, and actions


       -Monitor local and remote log files


       -Configure local and remote property


       -Display historical data for all monitored resources – including polling and trend db


       -Display reports and graphs


       -Offer SNMP traps






       -OpenEdge Management is supported on these platforms:


       -HP-UX (PA-RISC) 64- and 32-bit


       -HP-UX Itanium2


       -IBM AIX Power PC 64- and 32-bit


       -Linux on POWERPC


       -Linux x86 64- and 32-bit


       -Sun Solaris (SPARC) 64- and 32-bit

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