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A Proven Solution for Quickly Building and Deploying Business Applications



Progress® WebSpeed® Workshop is an integrated development environment for building highly scalable business applications that process large volumes of transactions over the Internet.






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Progress® WebSpeed® Workshop is an integrated suite of development tools for building ITP (Internet Transaction Processing) applications that run on the WebSpeed Transaction Server component of the OpenEdge Application Server. The OpenEdge Application Server is a robust server for deploying ITP applications with very high availability, high scalabilty, and rapid response rates. With WebSpeed, business applications that require powerful database connectivity and state management – such as supply chain management, order entry, customer service, and inventory control – can keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of multi-tier, multi-platform Web application development.






WebSpeed Workshop allows you to develop distributed application logic with a Web-specialized language called SpeedScript. You then combine that logic with an HTML user interface. WebSpeed Workshop is integrated in the sense that you develop your application while connected to a Web server and the WebSpeed Transaction Server. This means that you are developing in the environment that your application will run in, thus helping to eliminate any surprises during deployment, and ultimately saving you time in the testing/fixing/testing cycles.






Key Benefits WebSpeed Workshop's integrated environment will help your business to:






      -Quickly build and deploy business applications across corporate intranets, extranets, and the Internet



      -Utilize the Integrated Development Environment to develop a distributed application logic with SpeedScript



      -Employ the AppBuilder graphical environment to quickly create complex application interfaces



      -Create robust business applications with the provided toolkit that includes a compiler, a debugger, a data dictionary, and data administration utilities






WebSpeed Workshop provides proven tools for building robust business applications, whether they are Web-enabled or not:






      -Generate Java, .NET, and Web services proxies for accessing ABL business logic on the AppServer™ from J2EE, .NET and other platforms.



      -Compile source procedures individually or in groups.



      -Validate applications quickly and thoroughly.



      -Create and maintain database definitions, application defaults, and business rules.



      -Build an application database.



      -Dump and load data and definitions, in binary or text format.



      -Run and validate code for distributed applications on development-scaled  



      -AppServer (2 Agents), WebSpeed® Transaction Server (2 Agents), OpenEdge RDBMS (Personal, 1 Registered Client) and Client-Networking (1 Registered Client).



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