Ultra Controls For .Net


Ultra Controls for .Net, is one of the most comprehensive program development layer of the ABL technology. It is the most powerful professional applicationwriting device which uses grid, scheduling, navigation and charts for Ultra Controls developers and the application sets. It offers the program developers the opportunity to add additional tools to the user interface development platform. You can combine the tools with your business intelligence expertise and make yourapplications the most competitive and the most required application in the market. By using Infragistics technology and tools you can make the application interfaces stronger and turn your application into a visual feast, and what’s more, without desisting from ABL.




The Important Advantages of Ultra Controls for .Net'in

      -Interchangeable Professional UI (interface) styles

      -Development with drag and drop logic

      -High performance between Platforms

      -Open to development

      -Easy to use Advanced features  

      -Using opportunity of more specific controller like grids and calendar

The Important Features of Ultra Controls for .Net'in

Hierarchical .Net grid technology with high performance, where you don’t have to write so many codes.


      -Virtual Data



      -Outlook Grouping

      -Corrected Headers

      -Rows and columns 

      -Customary Interface


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