OpenEdge Studio


OpenEdge Studio offers the software developers anunique and high efficient development platform that eases the work of building  complicated, distributed business practices.



OpenEdge Studio represents a single and integrated working platform where a series of tools which consist of adaptive and customisable interfaces that are used on the development for many types of task applications that varies form the todays client/server model to the transaction processing model which runs on the internet,are gathered together. OpenEdge Studio, at the same time, is the development platform which has been designed for Progress Dynamics implementation structure and its highly productive method where it uses on the flexible and future adopted task implementation building approach. Progress Dynamics means a storage logic where it can dynamically change itself by storing the object features, templates and work components of the applications.






OpenEdge Studio, by means of AppBuilder tool, automates most of the jobs of the user interfaces and creating work components. AppBuilder is a central software development workshop that offers visual tools to define objects, design interfaces and link data. These tools and their underlying development methodology support the reuse of the business logic and eliminate many coding tasks.SmartBusinessObjectand SmartDataObject components enables the fast combination of the complicated working rules modules of the developers. 






Because work history is obtained in form of the logically defined rules and processes, a series of OpenEdge Studio tools makes it easier that this logic is deployed and operated in such a waythat it can be accessed by a Web service or OpenEdge, .NET or Java client. OpenEdge Studio is unique in respect of representing an integrated platform where the hybrid applications of today are created in a fast and effectiveway.


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