Today your business competes in an ever-changing, always-connected environment with a growing need for mobile workforce solutions.






Mobility is more than just a trend; it is an expectation that has transformed the way we do business and quickened the pace of change for Application Developers and IT departments. In a recent survey, 92% of businesses stated the adoption of mobile apps would give them a competitive edge. If your business is not taking steps to address this need, you are falling behind the competition. To remain competitive and relevant, our partners and customers must support multiple mobile devices on various platforms. Mobile applications have the power to make operations more efficient by enabling end users to access core business solutions from their mobile phones and tablets.






Progress recognizes the benefits that technology alliance partnerships can bring to the entire partner and end user eco-system. We created Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program with the mission of bringing comprehensive solutions and services to our shared markets. The Program is restricted in size and scope, and participation is limited to partners who, through their products and services, bring value to the Progress eco-system and exhibit thought leadership within the Progress community. 






The Progress TAP program delivers best-in-class solutions with industry-leading companies who, by partnering with Progress, can:



      -Offer customers and partners a comprehensive, integrated and simplified solution or service



      - Extend the sales and market reach of our two organizations



      -Co-market solutions through branding, awareness and lead-generation activities



      - Deliver complementary solutions validated through interoperability testing






The Progress TAP program offers extensive benefits, including:



      -Joint interoperability validation



      -Joint marketing opportunities to our existing partners and customers



      -Partner and field communications opportunities



      -Technology and technical support resources





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