Easily configurable dashboardsSales DashboardGet big-picture perspective for rapid, sound decision-making

Easily configurable dashboards allow you to setup and modify key performance indicators to display in formats of your choice. See results at a glance, displayed in charts, gauges, thermometers, and LED-styles. Enhance your insight further by clicking on the dashboard indicator to view the data behind the metrics, which can then be formatted, sorted and exported to Excel if needed. Key performance indicators such as value and status offorecasted sales, daily customer service incidents, and marketing campaign response can be effortlessly be monitored and action taken when metrics reach a critical high or low.

Custom formula fieldsCustom UDF FieldsAnalyze critical information from within a profile
Take your custom fields to the next level by adding formulas. This powerful function gives you a more in-depth profile of your clients by automatically calculating essential statistics, ratios and dates to quickly identify values that are important to you and the growth of your business. Analyze critical information such as financial values and potential sales opportunities by combine data from existing custom fields to create a new custom field - math, text and date/time functions can be used. This valuable information can then be viewed, searched or filtered rapidly to easily see where you should be focusing your efforts.
Standard built-in reportsOpportunity Pipeline ReportGet the insight you need right away with pre-built CRM reports
Spend more time driving your business forward, and less time with the mechanics of running CRM reports. Consolidate and present real-time data on everything from sales forecasts and marketing campaigns to account activities and phone logs with over 175 built-in business report templates. Easily share reports with colleagues in various formats including PDF, Word, HTML and XML or export to Microsoft Excel® for further analysis and data manipulation. Out-of-the box reports include templates in Crystal Reports andMicrosoft SQL Reporting Services (SRS).
Customized reportingCustom ReportTailor metrics to your business processes
Extend Maximizer’s built-in report templates and gain further insight into customer behaviors, new business opportunities and operational inefficiencies by customizing them to meet your unique business requirements. Quickly and easily produce visual summary and drill-down reports with calculations and conditional formatting. Choose to create reports on the fly or automatically send updated reports directly to decision makers on a scheduled basis. To gain a more comprehensive view of relationship health and customer value, compare and analyze with data across other applications such as your accounting.
Respond quickly to critical issues with alertsWorkflow Alert CreationRespond quickly to critical issues
Utilizing Maximizer’s Workflow Automation add-on product, uncover potential issues by automatically alerting managers or executives when a metric reaches a critical high or low. With triggered, action-oriented alerts sent to your staff via dashboard, task, email or phone, they can respond to time-sensitive developments when they occur. Get started with over 90 pre-configured queries and 50 events, such as ‘lead not assigned’ and ‘customer service case open for more than one week’. From one central interface, view, add or modify workflow events without having to decipher or perform complex programming.
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