Mobil BI

Collaboration Takes Business Intelligence Way Beyond Basic Reporting And Dashboards


      -Turn data into knowledge 

      -Share your ideas 

      -Collectively make better decisions 


Yellowfin is more than just traditional Business Intelligence. It facilitates information collaboration by enabling you to share insight, discuss your data and use your collective knowledge to make better decisions with ease. 
How will Yellowfin help you?
Share your data
We make sharing your data as easy as embedding a YouTube clip. Place your interactive reports and dashboards on your Web page, forum, wiki – anywhere. Simply copy a piece of script from the report or dashboard menu to share information wherever it’s needed. See the interactive example report below!
Annotate and explain your data
Can’t remember why that sales chart dipped last month? Well, Yellowfin’s annotations solve that problem. Add comments to a report to help identify the events that gave rise to a particular trend in the data.
Engage in conversation
Report commenting allows you and your colleagues to easily engage in conversation about key company metrics. Simply follow a report, and its associated commentary, to attain better insight into what’s driving your company’s performance.
Discuss the big issues
Yellowfin’s unique discussion forum gives you the ultimate power to share information. Analyze data with co-workers, embed reports, create polls and exchange ideas in threaded discussions. Discuss the big issues in full view of the information you need with the ease of use and flexibility that makes Yellowfin a truly remarkable platform.
Increase trust in your data

Trust in your published reports is vital. Yellowfin’s report approval workflow allows you to manage the creation of reports using the same processes you’ve used to make decisions for years. For example, a VP of sales can view all reports created by any sales person before they are published to the rest of the company. This in conjunction with watermarks for exported reports ensures a high level of trust in your data.




Be prompted into action

Knowing what’s changed, and what needs your attention can help you to prioritise your day. With Yellowfin’s inbox, you can see all your alerts, updated discussions and shared analysis at a glance. Keep on top of what’s important.
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