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Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)


The Progress OpenEdge Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) leads the database market with low cost of ownership and the ability to scale to meet the demands of enterprise applications, e-commerce and application service providers. 
The OpenEdge database can handle thousands of users and high-traffic loads with sub-second response times. It helps to ensure that users are productive, customers are satisfied, and, for SaaS/Cloud computing environments, service-level agreements are met.

World’s #1 Pure Play Embedded Database

The OpenEdge RDBMS is an established, reliable database management system for production systems world-wide, known for its scalability and ease of management. Key benefits include:
      -Cost effective: Reduce capital and administrative expenses with a database that runs on laptops, desktops and production servers.
      -Productive: Raise productivity with the highly efficient OpenEdge Advanced Business Language (ABL) and the highly effective OpenEdge SQL as they create and report online transaction processing results.
      -Easy to administer: OpenEdge production systems’ ease of automation and administration allow your database team to focus on service for the business users.
      -Scalable: OpenEdge applications can scale up to thousands of users and multi-terabyte databases.
      -Easy to manage: Consolidate datacenter management functions as your business grows.

Key Capabilities

      -Stores data in compact forms, offering savings in disk and memory use
      -Offers support for unicode data and index keys (1970 byte)
      -Supports 32-bit systems and 64-bit addressable systems as well
      -Compatible ODBC, JDBC, and ABL access to data
      -Java stored procedures supported by OpenEdge SQL
      -Large file support for 64-bit file addressing (requires OS enablement)
      -Support for 1,000 files per database storage area
      -Support for 32,000 storage areas per database
      -Support for 32,000 concurrent users
      -Support for tables of up to 9 quintillion rows
      -Databases can grow to 5 exabytes
      -Support for up to 1 terabyte of memory
For small projects, contact your local Progress Sales Representative about Workgroup and Personal database options.


The Cloud-ready OpenEdge RDBMS is supported on the following platforms:
      -HP-UX (PA-RISC) 64- and 32-bit
      -HP-UX Itanium2
      -IBM AIX Power PC 64-bit
      -Linux on POWERPC
      -Linux Intel 64-bit
      -Red Hat Linux
      -SuSE LINUX
      -Sun Solaris (SPARC) 64- and 32-bit
      -SCO UnixWare


 Maximizer CRM
For over 20 years, Maximizer CRM Software  has been the software solution of choice for small to medium-sized businesses and divisions of large corporations.

 Maximizer CRM Software fuels your business success with a simple, accessible and adaptable CRM solutions that provides the best value in the market. It enables you to do more with less, providing a central lead management solution with instant access to the entire history of every customer or prospect. Maximizer CRM’s All Access licensing delivers a complete up-to-date customer history to customer-facing teams – anytime, anywhere – with access through mobile devices, the Web, or your Windows desktop. 







Maximizer CRM can be easily configured to meet the specific needs of your business and enables managers and executives to gain insight into the performance of the business through dashboards and reports. Custom CRM reporting is available for you to get key insights into your business performance.









All-in Solution

Sales automation, full mobility, marketing campaigns and customer support


 Faster ROI 

Easy and quick to implement with access across any tablet or smartphone devices


 Easily Adapt 

Unlimited ability to customize fields to fit your business




 Business Intelligence

 A Business Intelligence Platform That Is Incredibly Easy To Use


      - BI that is easy to develop, share and consume 


      - Mobile BI for anywhere, anytime access 


      - Collaborative decision-making that delivers results 


Yellowfin is your complete Business Intelligence platform. From data to dashboards Yellowfin delivers an amazing Collaborative BI experience. 


Everybody claims ease of use, but Yellowfin actually defines the standard for everyone else. Our interface is more than beautiful. You’ll find the most advanced BI features, in the most logical places, all with point and click simplicity. You don’t have to learn a single line of SQL – now that’s making Business Intelligence easy. 


Learn how Yellowfin can help you easily access, analyze and share data about your business with people that matter. 


What will Yellowfin do for you?

Interactive dashboards

See your business at a glance. Combine all the data you need, from multiple data sources, into personalized real-time dashboards. Yellowfin’s interactive dashboards let you filter, drill to detail, and analyze right in a browser. With Yellowfin, you can go from data to dashboards in just hours; not days, weeks or months.



Sharing and collaboration

Imagine connecting the data, people, and creativity of your organization to help everyone make better business decisions. With Yellowfin you can. We do this by facilitating discussions and making your BI content incredibly easy to share. Embed your intelligence into wiki’s and company intranet for everyone to use and access. 



Mobile BI - Your data anywhere, anytime

You will love Yellowfin’s mobile app. It combines outstanding collaborative features with great usability - simply swipe to browse dashboards and reports, filter with a tap of a finger, or pinch and zoom. Our approach means that as soon as you create a report or dashboard, it's enabled on your favourite mobile device - no extra steps or development.



Proactive alerts & exception reporting

Real-time alerts let you know the moment something critical happens in your business. With Yellowfin it's so easy to create alerts that monitor your business data for you. Reports emailed, or alerts pushed, to your phone or iPad let you take immediate action.



Insightful data visualizations

Data visualization is not only a great way to present your data, but a powerful way to explore your data as well. Yellowfin lets you pick and change visualizations effortlessly so you can spot outliers and trends with ease. With 44 chart types - from sophisticated trellis charts, to popular line and metre charts - the right visualization is just a click away.



Your data mapped

More than 70% of your organizational data has a location component. Yellowfin’s award winning Location Intelligence puts your data on the map. Combine your BI with fully-integrated GIS mapping capabilities to visualize your spatial and BI data simultaneously. Yellowfin lets you query the ‘where’ as well as the ‘what and when’.




Rapid data analysis

Data analysis requires more than just basic filtering - you need to be able to explore your data. Yellowfin’s highly intuitive report builder lets you analyze your data in ways you didn’t think possible. Drill Down, Drill Through or Drill Anywhere - even across multiple data sources. We don’t put barriers between you and your data exploration.
A complete BI platform
Yellowfin is different. Unlike most BI products, we deliver all the BI functionality you need via a single-integrated platform. Yellowfin can be installed in an hour, and deployed to 1000s of users in seconds. From meta-data to dashboards, user security and scheduling, you’ll only ever interact with the one application. Yellowfin significantly reduces your training, deployment and administration costs. 

 Security Software



WebrootSecureAnywhere® AntiVirus protects you from online threats with the world's most powerful 100% cloud-based security solution. It scans faster and uses fewer system resources than other solutions helping system performance. Our network of threat analysis engines perform real-time examination of files, URL's and websites enabling instantaneous protection from new and existing threats keeping you continuously safe online.


Protects you against the latest known and unknown online threats including



-Phishing Attacks     

-Identity Theft     


-Social Network Threats     

-Unsafe Websites, Links and search results

 PDF Converter



Better PDF for Business™ with Create, Convert and Collaborate

PDF Converter Professional 7, the smarter PDF solution for business users. PDF files to convert, edit, create, share and offers everything you need to.Nuance, Microsoft ® Office ® and Microsoft Windows ® through the most accurate document conversion to editable formats even includes a feature. More efficient scanning, advanced PDF search and expanded to include Microsoft Silverlight users with multimedia support, improved productivity and can create PDF files for collaboration, convert, edit, compile and share with confidence.


Produce Professıonal Documents


Regardless of where you are sent, they appear on screen presentation-quality printed documents. Instant PDF and PDF / A 1-b version, containing fully compatible with almost any PDF viewer with security options, create 100% industry-standard PDF files.Microsoft Word, Excel ® and PowerPoint ® hyperlinks when creating PDFs, you can import metadata automatically and even create bookmarks. Any type of file and / or folder with popular PDF reader that can be displayed in a PDF Portfolio Combine impressive. Impressive and interactive audience guiding add cover pages. To convey your message in a striking style photographs, graphics, movies, sounds and 3D drawings can even add.


PDF Conversıon Wıth Error Save Tıme And Money

PDF documents with complex layouts and graphics to re-create waste time. PDF files with a single click, tables and graphics intact fully formatted, editable Corel ® WordPerfect ® and Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, convert them to. Even all the pages of a PDF document in a single Excel worksheet together. Superior conversion accuracy delivers consistently perfect results.

Do Not Ever Now Way Of Cooperatıon

Notes to PDF documents, stamps, callouts, graphics and adding many more things to exchange ideas and provide instructions. View all comments using the convenient Comment Panel, edit, and update the list in order of importance.Text and graphics in your communications to be flawless to correct errors in the edit documents directly, fonts, colors, and many more things change.


Documents's Easıly Recovered

Combine files and remove pages easily with drag and drop method or replace. To add a target file from the source document (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect, XPS, JPG, BMP, or TIF) View and select pages.

More Intellıgent Calls Now

Nuance's most accurate conversion to searchable PDF, you can search for anything in a PDF file. Lookslikesearch ™ feature using the telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and dates as content instead of text quickly search through alphanumeric order. Search results for easy editing faster and more automatically, highlight or underline them . 


Protect Your Documents

Secure encryption and permission controls to PDF documents with a view to adding a password, check printing and changes. If you would like to provide enhanced security in the document signatures, stamps, formatting, including annotations and filled form fields can flatten everything.


Be More Efficient With The Batch Conversıon


You need to make PDF file Do you have a lot of files?A group you need to convert PDF files to editable documents? PDF Converter Professional, to save the maximum amount of time to create and convert files in bulk, making it easier than ever to overcome these challenges will allow you to include a few helpful.






360° Experience for Your Photos, Music & Videos in HD

Give your digital media projects a boost with the fully-integrated and intensified Nero. The robust suite is value-packed with productivity-enhancing features that push the boundaries of video editing, burning and backup as you know it. What you get is a true 360° HD experience for photos, music and videos with easy-to-advanced video editing workflows plus innovative video fi le conversion technology for multiple device playback. Best in its class, Nero bridges the multimedia gaps with Nero cloud storage, Blu-ray Disc playback and mobile device support for Wi-Fi and USB syncing from PC to Android devices.
What’s HOT!
      -Blu-ray Disc™ playback
      -Wi-Fi and USB sync photos, music and videos to Android™ Smartphones and tablets
      -Make any video playable on any device
      -Create cinema-style movies easily with express video editing
      -Reduce time to encode videos with SmartEncoding
      -Nero LIVEBackup for continuous security for your digital files • Nero SecurDisc 3.0 burning helps ensure readability regardless of scratches, age and deterioration • Nero SecurDisc 3.0 burning helps ensure readability regardless of scratches, age and deterioration
Enjoy videos with the clarity of Blu-ray™
Unique to Nero is the built-in convenience of Blu-ray Disc™ playback. Sit back and enjoy all your favorite Hollywood movies and videos authored to Blu-ray Disc™, right on your PC. Get stunning picture quality with your choice of Digital Theater Sound (DTS) or Dolby Digital Surround at home for the ultimate cinema-style experience.
Take your digital media on the go
Share your digital media from your PC to your mobile devices with Nero Kwik Mobile Sync. View music playlists, photos, and videos, and seamlessly move them from your PC to Android devices.
Add the pro-touch to your video editing projects
Take your creative side to new heights with hundreds of premium creative effects to produce cinema-quality videos. The Creative Pack is filled with new video and audio effects, Picture-in-Picture, transitions and backgrounds to transform your videos into theater-ready masterpieces.

 Office Software Solutions




SoftMaker Office 2012 as your office suite, and you will get the job done in less time and with better results. SoftMaker Office is reliable, powerful, fast, and easy to use.


Compatible with Microsoft Office 2013, 2010, 2007, and more.
To be useful in the real world, an office suite needs to be compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
SoftMaker Office 2012 fills this requirement competently: It not only works seamlessly with the old Microsoft Office formats DOC, XLS, and PPT, but also faithfully reads and writes files in the modern DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX used by Microsoft Office 2007 to 2013.
You will not find any other office suite that renders documents in all these Microsoft Office formats as faithfully as SoftMaker Office 2012.
         1.TextMaker 2012 : The solid and reliable word processor
         2.PlanMaker 2012 : The spreadsheet that not only adds up numbers, but also presents them with style
         3.SoftMaker Presentations 2012 : The presentation software with spectacular effects
         4.SoftMakereM Client Professional 6 (in SoftMaker Office Professional) : E-mails, tasks, events, contacts – all under one umbrella
         5.BasicMaker 2012 : The macro language that lets you automate TextMaker and PlanMaker

Two editions:
Standard and Professional

SoftMaker Office 2012 is available in two editions:

SoftMaker Office Standard 2012

SoftMaker Office Professional 2012

SoftMaker Office Standard already comes with TextMaker, PlanMaker, SoftMaker Presentations, and BasicMaker. It represents a great office suite at a great price.

SoftMaker Office Professional adds, for a small surcharge, important additional features.


SoftMaker Office Standard 2012

SoftMaker Office Professional 2012

Three licenses in the box

Three licenses in the box

TextMaker 2012

TextMaker 2012

PlanMaker 2012

PlanMaker 2012

SoftMaker Presentations 2012

SoftMaker Presentations 2012

BasicMaker 2012

BasicMaker 2012


SoftMakereM Client Professional 6


4 Berlitz Basic Dictionaries



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