Workflow Automation


Minimize manual processes to maximize resources 


Business process automation enables you to monitor your system for activities, and then trigger the action that comes next - whether it is emailing the customer, notifying an account manager, sending a report to an executive, or shipping out a product. It can be used to automate virtually any standard or unique process you use. Simply define the parameters for the process you want to monitor in your systems, and then define the actions you would like it to take. Actions can trigger another activity within Maximizer CRM, another system, or send a simple alert or notification.



Activity monitoring and alertsWorkflow Alert CreationClosely monitor performance & operational processes 


Configure unique business activity monitoring workflows and send alerts via dashboard, task, email or phone to an individual or group. Stay on top of potential issues with triggered, action-oriented alerts that are sent when a metric reaches a critical high or low, or schedule notifications such as a daily alert to sales reps about overdue activities for the day. Get started with over 90 pre-configured queries and 50 events, such as 'lead not assigned' and 'customer service case open for more than one week'. From one central interface, view, add or modify workflow events without having to decipher or perform complex programming.





Auto-response and inquiry routingHotlist TaskEnsure web and email inquiries are answered 


Email auto-response and inquiry routing are critical elements in providing a seamless customer experience. When an email or web form inquiry comes in, automating the next action ensures no inquiry goes unanswered. Workflow automation allows you to create email auto-responsers which allow you to set expectations in regards to further follow-up or next steps with customers. Based on the specific incoming email addresses, such as sales@ or customerservice@, or type of web lead form, you can automatically assign inquiries to the appropriate department or individual and create a task or service case.


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