Microsoft Integration


Easily synchronize  with Microsoft Outlook


Improve efficiencies by easily synchronizing email, contacts, calendars, and tasks between Maximizer and Outlook. View your Outlook messages inside Maximizer CRM and automatically save to customer records without the need to copy and paste. Alternatively, use the Maximizer Toolbar inside Outlook for one-click saving of emails to customer records in Maximizer CRM. With MaxSync for Microsoft Exchange add-on set-up meetings and keep track of appointments across your organization when some employees work in Maximizer CRM and others work in Microsoft Exchange.



Integrated Microsoft Office applications Microsoft Word Integration Work efficiently with integrated Microsoft Office applications


Easily personalize Microsoft Word documents such as proposals, quotes, letters, and faxes with any field from your Maximizer CRM customer data. For future reference, attach the documents to customer records for a complete electronic history of all communications. Store other company documents such as forms, reports and product information in a central repository so that staff can access and use the most up-to-date version. Maximizer also allows one-click export of data, including customer information, opportunities, service cases and campaign metrics to Excel for further analysis


Link to Microsoft SharePointUse SharePoint links to access the most up-to-date information


Look up Maximizer CRM customer information seamlessly through your Microsoft SharePoint portal and save time by accessing the most-up-to date information with hyperlinks to SharePoint documents. For convenient access to information attach links to an Address Book entry, an Opportunity, a Customer Service case, a Campaign, a Knowledge Base article, or include in your central repository of documents within Maximizer CRM



Microsoft SQL Server Reporting ServicesMicrosoft SSRSCustomize your own reports with built-in Microsoft SSRS


Create and edit your own custom CRM reports to gain further insight into customer behaviors, new business opportunities and operational inefficiencies. Utilize built-in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to configure unique reporting for your business metrics from scratch or by extending the pre-built report templates included in Maximizer CRM.







Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GPDynamics GPHarmonize Accounting and CRM Data through one interface


Gain a holistic view of your customers, enabling you and your staff to better service their accounts. Your staff will save time, working more efficiently by accessing financial data through one easy-to-use interface when you use Maximizer CRM with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Increase productivity by allowing them to look up a customer's credit limit, balance, quotes, invoices, previous transactions and purchase orders—without having to contact the accounting department or install another application.

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