Customer Service & Support



Case ManagementTrack and manage service issues for rapid resolutionTrack and manage service issues for rapid resolution 




No matter the incoming channel (phone, email or web), ensure every interaction is followed-up efficiently by tracking case assignments and escalations to ensure all of your customer issues are resolved. With access to previous communications and complete customer profile history you are able to respond quickly to issues and better understand customer’s needs. Using pre-populated fields in your case management forms will help you minimize errors and create trouble tickets quickly. And keep your customers satisfied by making the best use of specialized knowledge and resources throughout your organization by assigning cases based on staff expertise.



Knowledge BaseMaximize productivity and optimize resourcesMaximize productivity  and optimize resources 



Avoid duplicating effort by arming your customer service reps with access to updated, detailed product information through a knowledge base, a searchable online repository. With quick search features, the answers to many customer issues are just a click away, reducing the time required to resolve service cases and customer tickets. Use theknowledge base to share successful solutions and incident resolutions as well as product-specific details across your team. You can even reduce inbound calls by empowering customers and partners with the ability to search your knowledge base for product updates and find answers to your frequently asked questions.



Customer Service performanceMeasure and improve service qualityMeasure and improve service quality 



With real-time access to customer service metrics through dashboards, reports and alerts, critical service issues that require immediate attention can be addressed rapidly. Easily track details of customer problems by configuring case-related fields that are important to your business, such as product application or model number. For a quick snap-shot ofcustomer service performance, view details of all outstanding cases sorted by representative, including elapsed time, priority level and status. Analyze your customer service data to identify areas for improvement including product enhancements and training opportunities.



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