Marketing Automotion

Fill your sales pipeline with targetted leadsFill your sales pipeline with targetted leadsFill your sales pipeline with targeted leads


Improve response rates by sending relevant communication via email, print, or fax to highly-targeted and accurate leads. With easy to use list management tools, multiple segmentation criteria can be used to compile targeted. Using Maximizer’s email marketingengine you can create simple text or sophisticated HTML with the ability to personalize subject lines and messaging by merging any field from a contact record. By adding a simple opt-out link your subscriber account records are automatically updated and ensures anti-spam legislation is followed. For emails you use often, like newsletters, product announcements, promotions and event invitations create email templates to maintain a standardized, professional image.
Capitalize on opportunities with automated activitiesCapitalize on opportunities with automated activities
Maximizer’s built-in campaign management gives you the option to schedule multi-phased email campaigns and nurture relationships with trigger-based emails. Stay on top of your leads with automated activities to online events such as a web site download, purchase, service incidentor inquiry. Set-up email auto-responders for when web forms are filled-in and schedule a series of follow-up tasks to keep your prospects and lead generation moving forward. By creating and applying campaign templates, save time and ensure consistent execution and follow-up of your campaigns. Turn leads into sales by not missing a beat.
Help your sales team quickly qualify inbound leadsHelp your sales team quickly qualify inbound leadsHelp your sales team quickly qualify inbound leads
Increase the flow of new sales leads by creating web forms which automatically send leads directly to your sales team in Maximizer. Ensuring that leads flow directly from your website into Maximizer will eliminate any possible lead leakage and help track follow up of all leads. Web lead capture forms can be easily incorporated into campaign landing pages and adapted to capture the contact details of most importance. Streamlining lead management will help your sales team quickly respond to leads from information requests, online surveys and event registration with automatically generated follow-up tasks.
Identify trends and fine-tune your campaignsIdentify trends and fine-tune your campaignsIdentify trends and fine-tune campaigns your 
Fine-tune your campaigns and maximize marketing ROI with insight gained from a snapshot or detailed view of campaign performance — including email open and click-through rates, plus status of leads and sales opportunities associated with a particular campaign. In Maximizer, use standard key reports and dashboard key performance indicators (KPIs), such as leads status summaries and detailed campaign reports, or easily configure your own. Determine campaign effectiveness and capture valuable information on customer behavior so you can make informed decisions regarding your future marketing initiatives and resource allocation.
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